Dutch lessons for IT'ers

Are you working in IT or planning to work in IT?
Do you want to increase your job opportunities by learning Dutch?

ITEquals3 can help

Jo-Ann Priebee knows from personal experience how difficult it is to learn Dutch.
Jo-Ann had to learn when she came to the Netherlands as a child and did not speak any Dutch let alone, read, write or understand Dutch.

ITEquals3 has used this experience together with 38 years of IT experience as well as a Master degree in Child Education & Psychology to develop a method to teach non-Dutch speakers, the Dutch language.
ITEquals3 speaks the IT lingo and understands the problems non-Dutch speakers can encounter.

Our method:

Step 1 = Private Dutch Conversation lessons

Step 2 = Improve Dutch writing skills – professional level

Goal:               Improvement of conversational skills

                      Improvement and expansion of vocabulary

                      Improvement of listening and comprehension (understanding).

Gaining confidence – mostly speaking a new language is a matter of confidence.

Goal of the Dutch conversation lessons is general improvement of Dutch – meaning, being able to hold a conversation in Dutch with a complete stranger as well as making oneself understood in Dutch. Optimal goal is to be able to hold a job interview in Dutch, set up your CV in Dutch and use Dutch to support yourself through your daily ICT activities.

To reach this goal general vocabulary needs to be increased (amount of words known in Dutch). Also pronunciation needs to be practised and improved as well as understanding of Dutch through reading and listening (comprehension and understanding). Also confidence needs to be built. Taking courage and speaking Dutch even when you are worried that they will not understand you.

In general, at the start, lessons will concentrate on improvement of the Dutch conversational skills within the working environment – both social and professional.

Next step will also be to improve Dutch reading and writing skills on a professional level.

For more information phone: +31 6 52474723 and ask for Jo-Ann Priebee.

Dutch Lessons for ICT'ers

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Dutch lessons for IT’ers

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